Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last Meditation Class for the year

Tuesday night was our last meditation class for the year. I will miss our Tuesday nights together but I do look forward to seeing them next year. I know that some of them read my blogs BUT never leave a comment. To my students, who have become my friends I say thank you for the wonderful year of learning, you have taught me so much. I will also miss the banquet that Ross managed to cook each week. Tuesday, we had homemade iced coffees- with a great deal of ice-cream and cream! We had his pasts dish and of course those healthy chocolate biscuits. Maybe now I can lose some weight!

Thank you to all who have viewed my blog & left a message! Thank you to those who have helped me with all the problems.

Love, hugs, butterflies ad rainbows to you all.


mandy said...

Hello Jo...
Finally found
I can`t believe how quickly this year is going...I think next week is our Annual Xmas pageant here then we can put the xmas tree up...Scarey isn`t
Well have a great day and take care...

whiteangel said...

Hello Jo,

It's wonderful that you are able to have & enjoy your meditation classes. I believe you give a lot and have a lot to give.

You are lucky to have a husband who can cook, let alone make such wonderful creations for you all to eat.

Take care,

The Causeway said...

Hi Many,
Yes christmas is getting far too close. We are up to wrapping the presents!
Christmas parties, end of year concerts and the end of the school year! ( now that's a horrible thought).
Glad you found me. Hope I find you.
Hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hi Margaret,
I did so enjoy the class. I think it ended up being more fun than meditation! I look forward to next year.
Hubby has learnt to cook- he had no choice. I am banned from the kitchen!
Hugs and rainbows

Lana said...

Hi Joanne !

I miss Ross's food as much as I miss class, I cant help it, I love meditation but you know how I feel about food !

but dont worry, "Ill be back"

Lana =)

The Causeway said...

Hi Lana,
lol, we know how you feel about food!
I will be more than happy to have you back next year.
Hugs and love and rainbows