Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Near Death Talk

Yesterday Hubby & I ventured over to the beautiful suburb of Caringbah where I was to give a talk about my Near Death Experience. Tad (Teenage daughter) chooses not to attend this time, which saddened a few people.

To all those who attended I say thank you.
I was welcomed with smiles & a wonderful hug from Patricia (who had invited me to speak).
The atmosphere was friendly, peaceful, caring, loving and I instantly felt very much at home.

Although I do not believe in coincidences, I was astounded to meet people that either knew of my story or had heard me speak 11 years or more ago!
One beautiful lady, Margot (whose age I will not reveal) remembers TAD & I from the Sunday Life Magazine ( The Sun- Herald lift out magazine- dated 25th January 1998) in which TAD & I were the main feature article.
I was also to meet Kathy again, who was at a talk I gave at Burwood 12 years ago (?)
To Jill, who cancelled her own speaking appointment to come & hear me speak again after 10 years (I hope I did not let you down).
To Christine, Rose, Colleen, to Patricia’s grandchildren, to all who came I say thank you from my heart to yours. Your tears touched me.
You all gave far more to me then you will ever know. Please stay in touch with me.