Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Near Death Talk

Yesterday Hubby & I ventured over to the beautiful suburb of Caringbah where I was to give a talk about my Near Death Experience. Tad (Teenage daughter) chooses not to attend this time, which saddened a few people.

To all those who attended I say thank you.
I was welcomed with smiles & a wonderful hug from Patricia (who had invited me to speak).
The atmosphere was friendly, peaceful, caring, loving and I instantly felt very much at home.

Although I do not believe in coincidences, I was astounded to meet people that either knew of my story or had heard me speak 11 years or more ago!
One beautiful lady, Margot (whose age I will not reveal) remembers TAD & I from the Sunday Life Magazine ( The Sun- Herald lift out magazine- dated 25th January 1998) in which TAD & I were the main feature article.
I was also to meet Kathy again, who was at a talk I gave at Burwood 12 years ago (?)
To Jill, who cancelled her own speaking appointment to come & hear me speak again after 10 years (I hope I did not let you down).
To Christine, Rose, Colleen, to Patricia’s grandchildren, to all who came I say thank you from my heart to yours. Your tears touched me.
You all gave far more to me then you will ever know. Please stay in touch with me.


Elle said...

Hello Jo,

Wow! two blogspots, you are hiding your talent. I was just about to turn off pc as other things to do at work so I will come back tonight and look at both blogs.

Meling is so pleased that Sir William is going well and impressed by the mint chews.

Thankyou for Clinton's birthday wishes, how time flies 27 today.

Take care my friend and i will come and read your blogs tonight.


Elle said...

Hello Jo,

A site counter info: Go to my blog spot, scroll down till you come to my counter click the bottom words free counter, fill in the required information you do not have to register, just have to put your URL, pick which counter you like and follow directions. I have found that even though they say you can use the counter for all your blogs, this is not true, you will have do the same thing for your other blog.

In the middle of work doing invoices so still do not have time to read your blogs but I promise I will be over soon to read.

Take care

Elle said...

That is a lovely story, it is nice that when you make an effort to go and talk to people and they make to effort to come, everyone enjoys themselves.

I grew up in Caringbah for my first 15 years and then moved to Cronulla.

This blog is looking good, I see the counter did Rudy help you? or did you get my comment.

Take Care

Meling said woof woof to Sir William, when I give her a bath and a bit of a trim I will take her aside in her outside gear and take a photo for Sir William, he will be impressed she is very sun conscious

whiteangel said...

Hello Jo,

Lovely blog you have.
I found the link over at Elle's.
The link to my blogspot is at BB where the links are if you wish to visit.
Take care,


Rudy's Blog said...

Hi Jo,

You have been busy haven't you. I really don't know how anyone could possibly take in all of the information that I dumped on you the other day for over an hour and survive to be able to put two blogs together......hehehehe.

Well done.


shadow - Elizabeth B. said...

Afternoon Jo,
Visiting to say "hello" at your new spot....have a lovely day for what remains of it....regards,Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

hi jo Scythe here :D man this thing is fast compared to bigblog

Anonymous said...

hi jo :D

lynne said...

Hi Jo (its minerva) got your message and popped over to have a peek
Rudy, Tamaris, Mandy, shaymus, jmbd and I are over here too!!! I will just use bb for daily stuff soon, all my stories and music is being transfered to here. So much easier and little waiting time, love lynne

The Causeway said...

Hi Lynne,
Wow we are all coming over here. Soon there wont be anyone left at BigPuddle.

Hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hi Elle,
Glad to hear that Clinton had a good birthday. 27! where does the time fly? My eldest is 25, his partner Tracey is 27. I have to lie down now I am feeling a little old. lol lol
Caringbah looks like a really nice place. The traffic was awful, most people I think were heading for the beach - it was around 33!

Sir William says woof woof to Meling. I will post a photo here of him when he was a younger man!

Hugs and rainbows
Thank you for your help with this site.

The Causeway said...

To Elle,

I have spoken at Crounulla a number of times, also a very nice place.

The Causeway said...

Hi Margaret,
Thank you. I have already found you, just ran out of time to post a message ( TAD wanted the computer)
Hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hi Rudy,
You were a very good teacher. I had to keep all the information stored in this little brain of mine as I had to prepare for the talk I was doing. I just have to now change some settings but cant remember where they are. No worries I should be able to find them eventually.
hugs, butterflies and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you. It was a lovely day.
Hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hi Scythe,

Thank you for visiting, maybe you should think about joining us.
Hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hello Anon,

welcome and hello to you too.

hugs and rainbows

Lyn said...

Your blog is very nice and I will make time to read more about your book tomorrow. You are very inspirational,