Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Book

ISBN 0975725300
My Book is avaliable in Australia through me.
$29.95 (AUS)
P.O. BOX 5231
OVERSEAS- avaliable through
or internet bookstores.
Disabled mother of three beats odds to publish own book

Despite blinding headaches, severe epileptic seizures and difficulty reading and writing, mother of three, Joanne Calman, has just published her own book. She is on a mission to tell others about her extraordinary near death experience.

Fourteen years ago, Joanne and her husband had bought their first house, were expecting a third child and her husband, a council worker, had landed a promising sales job. After years of struggle, they were riding high. But it all came crashing down when something went terribly wrong in the birth of their third baby. Joanne nearly died three times and was left with shocking chronic disabilities.

For more than thirteen years, Joanne has endured headaches that medication barely touches, epilepsy, visual and balance disturbances and incomplete paraplegia. But the nature of her near death experience was so powerful she felt compelled to write it down. Her book The Causeway- the bridge from here to there, a near death experience, records the fascinating journey which has given her a unique insight into the purpose and meaning of life.

What makes her story exceptional though is that in her near death experience Joanne met people who she was told would help and guide her when she returned to earth. In the years that followed she went looking for them and found them – people like the artist who has illustrated her book.

Joanne’s story resonates with people who have had their own near death experience, are facing a life of disability or death itself, or those who simply want to understand life’s purpose.

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