Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today is a sad day. It is the third anniversary of the death of a friend of TAD (teenage daughter). She has come home from school and gone straight to bed. I noticed that she was cuddling her teddy bear; bear has not been out of the wardrobe for years.

You want to protect your children, hold them tight, not let anything or anyone hurt them in anyway. HOWEVER, you cannot and you feel helpless as a parent.

I remember at my talk last Sunday I was asked what my reaction to death was and how I felt about it. They wanted to know if I could shrug off death and because of my beliefs concentrate on the fact that the person who has died is in ‘a better place’. No, to me death is still painful. I am not frightened of my own death but when a friend passes, I still have the pain that I do not have that physical touch with them anymore.

As one who comes from a family where many children have ‘passed over’, I feel the pain that the family & friends will be going through today. My heart still aches over our losses. There will always be the unanswered questions. The Why, the what would they look like now? The 18th, 21st birthdays that would never come, the marriage and of course the grandchildren.

Tears pour down my cheeks, it now too painful for me to continue. Yes, I do have my faith and I know that the Spirit of the child will always be within my heart , but a death of a child is so very painful.


whiteangel said...

Hello Jo,
A friend never forgotten, and another friend - a teddy bear -

Take care,

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

I was reading this and thought I have read this before so why haven't I commented then realised I commented on, I'm a little slow at times....

Elle said...

Hello Jo, My thoughts are with TAD and just remember the happy times. My thoughts are also with TAD's friends family.

Truly a sad day.

Her Majesty Meling - Sir William,
You were very handsome back then and I still think you are. Tail wagging with a quiet Woof, Woof.

Take care my friend

lynne said...

Good Morning Jo, this is my third site I have visited this morning and my second reading of a 'passing'. This girl's friend was an extremely talented 'tie dyer' you may care to have a look.
Secondly, I must apologize for my 'big wahoo' on us all leaving bb, (of course, we are not,) and I hope I haven't misled your readers.

lynne said...

Well, that's interesting!!! Just as I was signing off I noticed that you already communicate with the Piney .. HOW COME?? I think I came by her thru the Old Blue Bus. Ed has a simply marvellours site, musical history of around Texas, Virginnia with images of the area, old, old musicians and instruments, it's simple and informative and the tracks he supplies are rare and top shelf (even if you are not a country lover. He toO, is on a 'musical journey' like me, but it is a recAll of his youth when he travelled in an old blue bus with fellow musos, sprinkled with US current affairs and such.

The Causeway said...

Hello Margaret,
Thank you so very much
hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

Hi JoAnne,
Thank you for the comment you left on BigPond, it meant a lot to me.
Hugs and rainbows

The Causeway said...

To Elle,
A special thank you for your comment, and the other one. I will email you in private ( sheds a small tear).

Sir William about to have a bath. He sends a 'My Lady' and bows to Meling, adding a woff or two as well.

Hugs, cuddles, kiss and love

The Causeway said...

Hi Lynne,

I think it was you in the first place that brought my attention to 'pineyflats' blogspot.
Have a good weekend
Hugs and rainbows

Rudy's Blog said...

Hi Joanne,

It is a real mixture of feelings when we lose some one we love especially when they have been suffering for some time. We are glad that the suffering is over and knowing that they are now in a better place but missing the great times that we shared. I went to the funeral last friday. A very close friend of mine lost his wife after 40 years of marriage. It was another one of those really mixed feeling days.