Friday, December 14, 2007


"Saying no can be the ultimate self-care"
Claudia Black
With all the rushing that we do during the Christmas season, we often forget to take time for ourselves.. This year take time to slow down, 'smell the roses' and do some thing for yourself. Often this can mean saying 'no'. It could also mean saying 'no' to other things as well.
hugs and rainbows my friends.


Rudy's Blog said...

Hi Joanne,

Thank you so much for the Christmas card, it was a beautiful surprise. Going away for the holiday break really put a hole in my blogging and its taking a while to get going again. I guess that one of the reasons is that I need to spend more time away from the computer so that things actually get done around the house :).

I hope that you, Ross and Tad have a wonderful Christmas.

Love and Peace


lil harry said...

hi Jo!!

yes you are is important to take time to smell the roses..

I made my kids do that literally on our short the midst of a museum..there was a beautiful smelling rose in the garden.So I stopped and waited until they all caught up and made them all smell it.

Nic took a pic of it and they all say Oh thats the really nice rose at the museum.

Not quite your point but it made them all stop a sec anyhow.

this time of year can be so stressful and it is important to stop a moment at times to appreciate the small yet amazing things we have.

lil harry said...

hope you saw the New Year in style..JO..

April's Blog said...

Hi Jo, it has been ages since I sat at my computer and read what other people have been doing and thinking. I have been totally engrossed in a couple of my favourite passtimes. A couple of days ago I finished reading Hillary Clinton's memoirs and I am now into Pamela Bones "Bad Hat Day". Both inspiring in different ways. I hope you have a lovely 2008.


Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

I took time for myself after Christmas and I really enjoyed the time alone.

Hope your New Year was great and that you have a terrific 2008.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo. Just a quick note to say Hi and I hope you had a lovely Christmas! All the very best for 2008!
Take Care,