Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"What I am is good enough if I would only be if openly".
Carl Rogers.
I was reading a friends blog, how she had tried on at least 23 dresses in one afternoon to try and find one to wear to a special occasion. To protect this person's identity I have changed a few details but the story is still the same. Every dress was wrong. Either she did not feel right in it or others did not like the outfit on her. It made me think. Now I know this person and I think she is beautiful and has a good figure. But the dresses made her feel frumpy. I wanted to tell her in person how beautiful inside and out she really is. We all have issues about what we look like. Hey, every time I get clothes out of my wardrobe I am reminded of my size. I am an 18, I have to wear size 20 or 22 pants and skirts to accomadate my tubes etc. Nothing makes you more depressed when you buy clothes in the "BIG" section. Which is probably why I don't buy clothes very often. But I did go out last thursday and I bought two tops, yes they were size 18, yes that is my size. Yes I wish I was a size 14 or a 12 but I am not. I am me. So accept me for who I am. I am beautiful on the inside and outside as my daughter keeps on telling me. And after 26 years even though I am no longer the size 10, I am still the girl of my husbands dreams.


Rudy's Blog said...

Hi Joanne,

One of the wonderful bits about getting older is that you tend to form the habit of looking at what's on the inside of a person rather than the outside.

As you get older and the lines form on your face, the teeth start dropping out, the eyes start losing their clarity, the ears start losing the high frequency, it's amazing how well you see what's on the inside of someone. It is that part of a person that we fall in love with and that keeps the love growing.

Lovely to see you posting again.

Hugs and rainbows


mandy said...

I think nearly every woman feels like this person....I too am going through having to find the perfect dress for a special occassion and yes my weight does bother me...But hey I figure i`m nearly in my mid 40`sand I haven`t done too bad for myself....

Still wish I was in my size 10 though...lol

whiteangel said...

Hello Jo,
Well good on you for thinking the way you do about yourself. It's what is within that counts :)
I have some rainbows for you on my blogspot if you wish to take a peek when you are ready.....I saw the rainbow out my window and I said to my family, Jo would love a photo of that....I knew you liked rainbows.
Take care,

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Yep I am a size 18 also and I know how I feel when it comes to buying clothes, often things look good on the rack but awful on me.

I like to take someone with me when I go clothes shopping as I like an honesty opinion.

I often wish I didn't worry so much about what size I am but it is easier said then done.

lil harry said...

HI Jo..I look at photos from 10 years ago and think I don't look too bad but at the time I didn't feel or see that way..

For me now I am comfortable in my own skin..I am still that child inside and I am Happy!!